In your anger do not sin. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold.

Ephesians 4:26

Elizabeth Welch - Maid of Honor
Elizabeth grew up at Redeemer Lutheran Church along with Erin. Both were very young and did not really get along in their "early years". However, Erin's first job, at JC Penny's in the mall, put them together about 10 years ago. Their time together at slumber parties, youth retreats, adventures in the woods at Lake Texhoma, trips to Hastings' in the PT's, some very long nights of arts and craft's and furniture repair, team work child bearing and a car wreck or two has built a lasting relationship. Elizabeth's children have become Erin's God-Babies, further cementing their close relationship. So, "Erin is stuck with me whether she likes it or not".

Kristi Tosi
A native of Lubbock, Kristi and Erin met in 1995 at Evans Junior High School. After Evan's, they both entered Monterey High School and graduated in 2001. Kristi moved to Midland to attend UTPB. During her time in Midland she talked Erin into attending UTPB and they lived together for a year.
Kristi is engaged to be married to Aaron Carlson in August 2009 and will be living in New York state. They remain close friends, "only because I asked Erin to be my best friend in the 7th grade".

Missy Smith
Missy will finally be Erin's sister-in-law. The wife of Adam Smith, Aaron's brother, Missy and Erin have been great friends for several years now. Originally from Wahington State, Missy moved to Lubbock with Adam and begain working at JC Jenny Company. There, she and Erin met and got to know each other. After some persuasion, Missy and Erin became very close friends. Throughout the her pregnancy and the birth of her two girls, Aunty Erin has been there to help.


Jennifer Dixon
Jennifer is Erin's cousin. She and Erin were born within a few months of each other and are the middle girls of the Dixon family. They have always been close and have enjoyed each others company throughout their adult lives. Jennifer lives and works in Austin, Texas.


Jessica Dixon
Jessica is Erin's Sister-in-Law. She is married to Erin's brother Scott and they have become close friends over the years. Jessica is a Director of Christian Education for Hales Corners Lutheran Church in Hales Corner, Wisconsin.



Jeff Jackson - Best Man
Aaron met Jeff through summer league baseball in 1993. They grew up together and played high school sports together at Roosevelt High School. Through many years of baseball, school hunting, and fishing, they have became good friends.




Adam Smith
Aaron's older brother, Adam, has been a big influance in Aaron's life. Adam taught Aaron to play sports, fish and hunt, among other things. They are the best of friends and are always there to support one another.



Joseph Grizzle
Aaron and Joseph grew up together in the same neighborhood. They attended Roosevelt High School, played sports. and enjoy hunting and fishing.

Hayden Huse
Haden moved from Kansas to Roosevelt his shophmore year and during Aaron's freshmen year, became good friends. His family moved back to Kansas while he was still in high school but he moved back to Roosevelt after graduation.




Rusty Hacker
Rusty and Aaron met through friends and over the years became friends. For a couple of years, they were roommates..